Top Tips for Blackjack Players

Blackjack is an immensely popular casino game. It is no wonder that most popular casinos have an assortment of blackjack variants featured in their top games. If you are one of those casino players who fancy playing blackjack at the casino, the good news is that you have some decent options to try, irrespective of the casino that you choose.

But as much as most blackjack variants out there are exceptional, you can only get the best out of these games if you follow the advice shared by seasoned blackjack players. That said, here are some proven tips that will steer you to success while playing blackjack.

Stick to the Basic Blackjack Strategy

Winning at blackjack often appears to be a matter of luck. But, in reality, you also need to be strategic to win at any blackjack table. Ideally, the basic blackjack strategy is designed to help the player reduce the house edge to less than 1%. You have to understand this strategy first before you start playing.

Play Games With Liberal Rules

Playing at a table with liberal rules can work well for you. Ideally, this means that you should play on tables that offer a 3-2 payout, and avoid any table with a 6-5 payoff or worse. Other liberal rules to be on the lookout for include the ability to double down on two cards, doubling after splitting a pair, and the dealer standing on a soft 17.

Focus on Your Cards

While at the table, it is easy to shift your focus to other players. But the best practice is to focus on your cards and ignore all moves made by other players. After all, blackjack is not a team game. Regardless of how other players play, stick to the basic strategy.

Play on Live Dealer Tables

Most casinos have a continuous shuffling machine that shuffles cards after each round is played. Automating shuffling means that more hands are dealt per hour. This might be good for the casino, but it often exposes the players bankroll to the casino. The best way to steer safe from the risk posed by a continuous shuffler is to opt for a live dealer game.

Blackjack results aren’t entirely random – try these tips and improve your chances of winning.